Spring Break

I really didn’t do anything special in spring break. I just stayed home and did the normal things I do everyday. I actually would go to school than have a break because when i don’t go to school my mom gives me more work, like more math, more other stuff annndd stuff. I can’t really explain it but I consider school, I can hang out with my friends and I’m always in company. Well there are things I really like about breaks and that is, I can wake up when ever I want. Well kind of, after like 11am my mom wakes me up because I’ll sleep until like 1pm if she doesn’t but it isn’t like 7am. Every time i wake up i feel like 10 years of my life has been shortened, I’m always like 1 or 2 minutes late to school too. So basically my spring break is a break but not really? Well I actually did go to michigan to meet up with my old friends, but that was only for 2 days so we really didn’t have much time to hang out. We played basketball and video games, I also got to sleep over at his house which was really cool. First time meeting them in like 2 months so it was really cool how they changed, they didn’t really change much though. That is my spring break!

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