Genius Hour update #1

Sooo i just posted my Genius hour initiate blog a few minutes ago xD. Well i’ll tell u my progress so far, so i have watched A LOT of youtube tutorial videos on youtube. Of course, After Effects tutorials, It’s so complicated I’m not really sure if i can do this. Well lets move on to the footage and recording. Its hard trying to record people when I told them i will be recording them in the pitch, so they are always staring at me so its kinda, well, the footage is kinda awkward when everyone is staring at me when im recording. xD I hope i wouldn’t have told people that i would be recording them or anything during the pitch. Well lets get back to After Effects… Well I’m having some trouble on that part but! I think i might have a solution. I have a few friends on skype who are experts on After Effects so I think I might ask them for help on motion tracking and After Effects in general. So with that I hope I can learn After Effects. Good Luck to me!

My Genius Hour

So I’m a bit late but umm so yeah, let me get started. So my genius hour is a bit funky, short, its just me recording my friends do dumb things and editing it so it will be funny. I’m really excited to do this genius hour because i love editing, making my friends laugh, so basicly online entertainment. I can see many challenges that are heading my way in this genius hour, I seriously need to know how to record people without them knowing and not only that i need to learn how to motion track in After Effects. I also need to learn all the basics in After Effects too, since i really never messed with After Effects from my current editing experiences. I’m honestly scared how i am going to do edit because i really haven’t done editing with real life footage. I usually edit online games, not real life footage. But in the end I have a basic idea what im going to do, I can’t wait to finish this genius hour and share it to my friends in front of the class. So yeah that is my genius hour and I’m really excited for this huge project. I hope i can over come my challenges with just a light breeze. I actually have some good footage I have recorded, instead of just watching tutorials and recording people i should kinda start editing now.

Spring Break

I really didn’t do anything special in spring break. I just stayed home and did the normal things I do everyday. I actually would go to school than have a break because when i don’t go to school my mom gives me more work, like more math, more other stuff annndd stuff. I can’t really explain it but I consider school, I can hang out with my friends and I’m always in company. Well there are things I really like about breaks and that is, I can wake up when ever I want. Well kind of, after like 11am my mom wakes me up because I’ll sleep until like 1pm if she doesn’t but it isn’t like 7am. Every time i wake up i feel like 10 years of my life has been shortened, I’m always like 1 or 2 minutes late to school too. So basically my spring break is a break but not really? Well I actually did go to michigan to meet up with my old friends, but that was only for 2 days so we really didn’t have much time to hang out. We played basketball and video games, I also got to sleep over at his house which was really cool. First time meeting them in like 2 months so it was really cool how they changed, they didn’t really change much though. That is my spring break!


Simpson College

So went to Simpson Iowa College! The tour guy was good at explaining things too, but the best part of the whole trip was the food. The food was amazing so i might just go to Simpson for the food. Just kidding (kinda, not sure). But seriously, this trip to Simpson was pretty amazing. The Trip was shorter then I thought, but then I didn’t know we had a 2 hr-3 hr bus ride. It isnt really the biggest college but I guess its because it is private, and the tour guy did an amazing job on showing us around. Apparently there is a curse in Simpson, where u step on 3 of the uhhh i forgot but on these umm round things? I forgot what they were called but there are 3 of them in the campus, and if you step on all three you will fail your next test! I actually have stepped on all three of them so next time I take a test I´m going to test it out. If I actually fail the test then I guess i have an excuse for why I failed xD. This was my trip to Simpson College and I really enjoyed this, I hope I could have gone to other colleges too.

Week 10 – So Long, Farewell

How many posts did you write? – I wrote 7 this is my 8th one 😀

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? – I don’t have my own interest one, but I enjoyed writing school based ones and the challenges so it really doesn’t matter. 😀

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? – Don’t have any comments from my classmates, not that it matters. I do have comments from people overseas and people who don’t live far away from me. My class teacher has read some of my blogs actually too 😀

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? – My Halloween one got the most comments, I really don’t know why. I do think its because they can relate to me. I see a lot of comments saying that they have the same experiences. Its actually really cool that people can relate to me. 🙂

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? – Probably the Halloween one. I can share how I think of Halloween and what my experience has been of Halloween. Also, the comments were really cool. 😛

Did you change blog themes at all and why? – Yes, the first one looked very ugly in my opinion. :/

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? – I really don’t know, it depends on the people who are looking at my blog page. If they think its not so good, then ill change it for sure.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? – I really don’t know, I think one, unless Hawaii counts as overseas.

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? – I tried my best, I think it looks plain and good. I really don’t like anything that stands out so much. :/

The Carnivore Plant



Nature, very cool, very mysterious, there is so many things we do not know about nature. I decided to write about the Venus fly trap, well you probably know why. Its really cool, its a carnivore plant it can eat like insects! When i first learned about them i needed to see them in action, I mean as a kid i was so curious about nature, and read so many books about nature. Well, now i really don’t read a lot and I’m a lot more less interested in the world, but the Venus fly trap is still stuck in my head. I saw Venus fly traps before, I actually had some, but I just couldn’t see it in action!


I actually went to do some research about them (like 3 minutes). They actually eat insects so that they can get the nutrition they don’t get from the soil, also they don’t eat meat, so don’t feed them meat. If a insect lands on the mouth, there are hairs that like are triggers for the BOMB to activate. So after it triggers the Venus fly trap just chops down and eats the fly. The Venus fly trap goes dormant for like 4 months, from Halloween to valentines day. Wait! They actually do eat meat, kinda, they eat frogs sometimes, like the small ones. That’s kind of scary :/

Want to know what happened to the Venus fly traps that I had? Well they all died :/ I don’t know why but they wouldn’t eat. I guess I kind of mess up, they wouldn’t eat so I starting like catching fly’s and then I started trying to shoved them down the Venus fly trap. Reading that again, I messed up big time. Some of them started turning black and looking all unhealthy, so I just left it alone. After a few days they were just dead plants. That is my back story with Venus fly traps. Ya, I’m horrible.

My research site: Venus Facts, more facts


Why I Eat White Rice



Yes, I eat white rice. Nothing special, but I eat white rice with EVERYTHING. Its not only me, its my whole family, a lot of my Korean friends, basically any Korean I know. I don’t know if its every Korean or if its just people I know, but I know this, we eat everything with rice. Here let me name some, Chicken Nuggets, Fried Fish, sausages, Burgers, almost anything, even pizza, yes, pizza. I mean anything is good with rice, eat something and take a scoop a rice and it goes well together. Sometimes when I’m really hungry and have nothing to eat, I get ketchup and mix it with rice, as you can guess I eat that. I probably eat rice EVERY single day, I really can’t think of a day where I didn’t eat rice for my whole entire lifetime.

Let me tell you some stuff about rice. According to some rice research company, rice is depended on for almost half the population! HALF! There’s also over 40,000 variety’s of rice, 40,000! I thought there was only 2, White and brown rice.  Apparently China is leading the rice producer in the whole world, also brown rice is healthier then white, oh, talking about healthier rice, if you don’t wash the rice till the water is clear then the white rice is actually healthier because your basically washing off the nutrients!

Where I got my information from:


My Halloween

Halloweens are probably my favorite holiday, SIKE. My Halloweens are just another normal day, I never really do anything special for that day, I also don’t know why Halloween was made or how. I hear people getting all excited for trick-or-treating when i was still in elementary school, but I never wanted to go trick or treating, EVER. Just thinking of going to door to door asking for candy just sounded stupid to me, you guys might have different opinions, but this is mine. Well, that’s what I thought… In 7th grade, last year, that all changed. So it was Halloween, me and my friends decided to do something that day. I thought they were going to go trick-or-treating, in 7th grade? No way I was going. I said I’m not going to do what ever they were going to do, but in lunch I heard side conversations, they were talking about like a haunted house or something. That caught my attention, so I asked what this was all about. They said there was like a haunted house park or something like that and they wanted to go this Halloween, of course i joined them. It was finally the day, we drove to the haunted house, and when we got there we stared at the entrance. Some of us regretted coming that day, but I enjoyed it a lot. I get scared pretty easily and I hate getting scared, but I do like people getting scared. It was so hilarious, my friends jumping like scared cats everywhere. Of course they laughed at me too… Then I thought Halloween wasn’t that bad, that is my Halloween. Oh, I got a question, what is Halloween, don’t give me answers like, a day where we get a lot of candy.

My Favorite YouTuber

By Gage Skidmore
By Gage Skidmore

My favorite Youtuber is definitely Nigahiga, just by looking at his videos you can see that he puts so much work into all of his videos. His puns are hilarious and very… punny… like a lot. He does what he loves so his potential shines so bright. He used to make like 3 videos in 1 year but now he makes 1 video every week! His videos are so creative your mind will be blown off from the creativeness…? I also love how he makes a BTS (Behind the Scenes) for his videos because for other video/movies I am always wondering what kind of process the movie/video went through to get where it is now. He always entertains me every week, makes me laugh, and makes me happy. I remember when i first found his channel i was really down, bored, and just droopy and i watched his videos. He cheered me up so much and his videos were so entertaining I went on a marathon and watched all his videos in 1 day. Basically, he’s like my best friend… I guess?

Raise Your Voice!

Raise your voice guys! Help the people who gets bullied! People all over the world is getting bullied, according to “Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.”. Bullying causes suicides, they cut themselves, they grow into drugs, miss out of school, and their mental self becomes destroyed. Bullying is so negative, I don’t really get how bullies really bully, do they know that they are bullying? That makes me wonder if I am a bully myself, but the main thing is you should really speak up, raise your voice! Talk to your parents, talk to your friends, and talk to anyone that you feel comfortable with. According to “Over 67% of students believe that schools respond poorly to bullying, with a high percentage of students believing that adult help is infrequent and ineffective.” And that is true in many ways actually, parents tend to not understand what their child is going through, the teachers don’t know what to do. So its actually really hard to speak up and talk to other people, if the teachers talk to the bullies and tell them to stop… Well that just makes it worse by A LOT. I really believe your best friends are really important to you, they can’t really fend the bullies off, but your friend will always be with you (if they are your best friends…). If you want to stop the bullying i don’t know what to say actually, but if i was bullied I would just speak up, not to other people but to the bullies and tell them to stop. The teachers say that bullies are weak, actually going through a hard time and is putting that stress on the victim. That might be true but bullies being weak is not true, but speaking up to them really might have a great effect. Getting the bullies to realize what they are doing to their victim might get them to stop. The bullies don’t know the feeling of being bullied, usually, they just know the pleasure of teasing a helpless kid. I really do believe that bullies don’t even know if they are bullying someone. You should raise your voice and tell them to stop and think what they are doing. Fighting might be another option but i don’t recommend that… Speaking up for others and yourself might save your own life or some others, speak up and raise your voice. Something that small can save someones life.